NOW Waiver / PCA / Respite

Since 2000, Alternatives Living, Inc.’s highly qualified and well trained staff have provided home and community-based services through the NOW Waiver. Home and community-based waiver programs are based on federal criteria which allow services and supports to be provided in a home or community-based setting for people who would otherwise be institutionalized. The individuals that we serve through the NOW Waiver live with developmental disabilities, mental illness, and physical and medical disabilities. Many of the individuals that we serve are dual diagnosed.

Now Waiver Facts

Services and supports provided through the NOW Waiver program are those that allow an individual to live independently in their home and community or at home with their family. Services include, but are not limited to: assistance with bathing, transferring from wheelchair to bed, household chores, transportation to work for individuals with physical disabilities, assistance with budgeting and money management, medication monitoring and administration, and teaching clients to use public transportation for individuals with cognitive disabilities. NOW waiver is only appropriate for those individuals whose health and welfare can be assured via the Comprehensive Plan of Care and for whom home and community-based waiver services represent a least restrictive treatment alternative. NOW Waiver is intended to provide specific, activity focused services rather than continuous custodial care.

Personal Care Services (PCA)

The primary function of the ‘PCA’ is to ensure that the basic needs of the individual are met. Direct Support Staff teach individuals self-care skills such as personal hygiene/grooming, meal preparation, housekeeping, laundry and clothes maintenance, money management/budgeting, medication management, etc. In certain cases, support staff may perform skills for those individuals challenged with physical and medical limitations. Staff is committed to provide supports that promote a sense of self-worth, which can lead to an enhanced quality of life and ability to live and function successfully in the community.

Respite Services

In-home Respite provides caregivers relief from the demanding care of individuals with special needs, while having the assurance that a highly qualified and well trained worker will provide excellent care for their loved one. Services are offered to caregivers with children and/or adults who have physical, mental, and emotional needs. Direct support staff provides temporary, non-medical care and supervision for the purposes of: assisting the family members to enable a person with developmental disabilities to stay at home; providing appropriate care and supervision to protect that person’s safety and well-being in the absence of a family member(s); relieving family members from the constantly demanding responsibility of providing care; and, attending to basic self-help needs and other activities that would ordinarily be performed by the family member.

Funding for the Now waiver program is a mix of Federal (70%) and State (30%) funds and is monitored and regulated by the Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and administered in Louisiana by the Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities and Medicaid.

For more information about the NOW Waiver program, or to apply, contact the State of Louisiana Office of Citizens with Developmental Disabilities.